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Monitoring and Automatic Recording of Traffic Offences at Railway Crossings

Monitoring and Automatic Recording of Traffic Offences at Railway Crossings

ATOM MS is an efficient means of recording traffic offences and reducing accident probabilities at railway crossings. Offenders are identified as of the moment when the red traffic light is enabled.

The traffic light controller transmits the signal that the traffic light is enabled into the system. On expiry of a preset duration required for unconditional exit of delayed vehicles from the railway track area, the system records the vehicles within its monitoring range as offenders.

It also allows the system to notify the incoming trains of the vehicles in the railway tracks. The data may be transmitted via fiber optic or wireless communications.

Traffic Offences recorded at Railway Crossings:
Entering railway crossings with closed or closing barriers or red traffic lights. 12.10 ч.1
Stopping at railway crossings. 12.10 ч.1
Parking at railway crossings. 12.10 ч.1
Entering opposing lanes at railway crossings. 12.10 ч.2

12.15 ч.4

Railway Crossing Monitoring Diagram

During automatic generation of traffic offence protocols, the following standard body of evidence is retained: recording time, date and location, running direction, recognized license plate, offender vehicle photo, offender vehicle license plate photo. Offender motorcar owner address details are also included into te protocol automatically. The video recording of the offence is retained and may be used in evidence.

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