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Продукты Automatic Weight and Size Monitoring System

Automatic Weight and Size Monitoring System


According to the Federal Road Agency, damages inflicted to the Russian road network by unscrupulous carriers amount to trillions of Rubles each year. Overloaded freight vehicles are destroying the transportation infrastructure and jeopardizing traveler safety.

The global experience confirms the need for automatic weight and size monitoring. Automatic weight and size monitoring systems (AWSMS) are necessary not only for the authorities and the public (for ensuring traffic safety and preserving the roads) but also for carriers for correctly allocating loads and fixing cargos to prevent traffic accidents, breakage and rapid wear of vehicles.

Automatic weight and size monitoring systems (AWSMS) include:
  • Road scales installed across roadways and weighing motorcars en route to determine the total weight of vehicles, their axle loads, and distances between axles;
  • Sizing sensors;
  • Inductive sensors detecting actual passage of vehicles through monitoring stations;
  • Photo and video cameras recording all monitored vehicles, recognizing their license plates, and identifying their speeds;
  • General video surveillance cameras monitoring traffic conditions when vehicles pass through monitoring stations;
  • Communication hardware transmitting data via 3G/4G, satellite or wired communication channels.

So, when freight vehicles approach AWSM stations, inductive sensors identify them and actuate road scales and dimensions sensors. Vehicles continue moving and cross monitoring boundaries without stopping. After detecting a breach, the measuring devices transmit closeups of the motorcar and its license plates, videos and other data to the data center for executing an administrative offence order.

AWSMS Functions.

Automatic measuring, recording and collecting of the following parameters and data of vehicles passing within AWSMS control ranges without changing their speeds:

  • Total weight;
  • Axle loads;
  • Number of axles;
  • Axle spacing;
  • Dimensions: height, width, and length;
  • EUR13 vehicle type;
  • Vehicle outline photo;
  • Vehicle speed;
  • Vehicle front view and license plate photos;
  • Recognition of vehicle license plates into alphanumeric records of vehicle license plates (using pre-installed AWSMS software);
  • Direction;
  • Data and time of passing;
  •  Geographic coordinates; and ASWSM serial number.

We offer complete integration of automatic weight and size monitoring systems by various manufactures.

We select the best AWSMS for you; deliver, install and commission hardware and software suites, prepare the system for metrological calibration at its installation location; provide employee training, support the software throughout the warranty period; and provide post-warrany support.

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