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Products Orion Smart Lighting System

Orion Smart Lighting System

The Orion Smart Lighting System is designed for targeted accompanying lighting of moving and stationary items and areas. The system recognizes any items as requested by users, and may be used for any corresponding tasks.

Usage Examples

Unregulated Pedestrian Crossings.

The Orion system can illuminate unregulated pedestrian crossings and attract additional attention of drivers to moving items at pedestrian crossings (humans, animals).

The system improves safety of travelers and reduces traffic accidents at pedestrian crossings.

The Orion system is installed onto supports near pedestrian crossings, recognizes cars, humans and animals, and identifies its positions and movement directions.

In its standby mode, the system ensures stationary lighting of the pedestrian crossing depending on the degree of illumination thereof. The lighting brightness is adjusted in accordance with the ambient illumination conditions.

The system switches to the item highlighting mode when an item appears before the pedestrian crossing. The current item location area is highlighted to ensure spotlighting of the item in the pedestrian crossing. The general pedestrian crossing lighting continues working as well.

The Orion system ensures continuous illumination of moving items in pedestrian crossings regardless of items’ paths and without blinding drivers.

The Orion system may operate in the focus mode illuminating the pedestrian crossing with various light sources to draw drivers’ attention to items in the pedestrian crossing.

The Orion system may be supplied either on a standalone basis or within the ATOM MS system.

Within the ATOM MS System

No installation of certain elements of the Orion is required during integration within the ATOM MS system as the ATOM MS system assumes the functions of such elements. Thus, one may implement the Orion system promptly and cost-efficiently at pedestrian crossing outfitted with the ATOM MS system. In this case, the Orion system will participate in detection of traffic offences such as – drivers’ failures to comply with requirements to give way to pedestrians, cyclists and other priority travelers (except for vehicle drivers).

Private Security

The Orion system may be used as an additional private security and annunciation system. IR video sensors and spotlights are installed around the facility perimeter. When the system identifies a tresspasser, it illuminates it, performs video recording, and transmits the signal to the security station while displaying the image. The machine learning technology minimizes the number of false positives in the system.

Estate Security and Illumination

The Orion system may be installed at estate grounds for monitoring their interiors and exteriors. At daytime, the Orion system may operate as a video surveillance system while at nighttime, it may record, illuminate and perform video recording of approaching motorcars and humans. For example, it also may illuminate the way from the gate to the house.

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