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Vehicle Tracing

Vehicle Tracing

Recognized License Plate Usage

License plate recognition is useful not only for automatic recording of traffic offences but also for vehicle tracing using connected databases, tracking movements of public transit, utility and emergency vehicles, traffic planning and modeling.

The ATOM MS system controls the traffic round the clock. Each motorcar within its monitoring range is verified using tracing databases connected to it. If a correspondence is identified (or the license plate is not recognized or absent), law enforcement bodies are notified of the need to take action immediately.

Key Features:
The smallest possible data traffic

Using the advanced communication protocol, the information from each of the monitoring boundaries is transmitted to a remote server consuming as little traffic as possible. The data is processed and forwarded to all stakeholders on a real time basis if required.

Continuously updated tracing databases

Tracing databases are located in the common remote data center. It ensures safe storage and timely updates of the data. There is no need to store the databases locally at each monitoring boundary.

High Performance

The common data center ensures more efficient processing of all the collected information. Its performance increases as new monitoring boundaries are connected. The system performance increases additionally where it is possible to recognize license plates using photos received earlier from already installed traffic offence photo and video recording systems by other manufacturers.

Identification of Twin Cars

Twin cars are a quite widespread illegal criminal technique where two totally identical motorcars run
around. Their makes, models, colors, license plates are identical. Essentially, only one of the motorcars is
lawful and the other one is used for criminal purposes.

The data processing at the common data center allows the system to identify twin motorcars.

Reliable Data Storage

The dedicated recognition data archiving system allows storage of recognized vehicle logs of greater scopes without reducing the recording speed. Now, the log sizes depend on the storage disk space available. The centralized data storage greatly simplifies data archiving and integrity assurance on hardware failures.

User-Friendliness and High Performance

Search results from the common log are produced instantaneously. One may generate special-purpose requests that allow finding only the required data on recorded motorcars instantaneously even in large-scale logs. The improved search systems allows searching the completed search results using additional conditions.

Key Distinctive Features of ATOM MS: