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Video Monitoring of Secure Grounds

Video Monitoring of Secure Grounds

Various facilities in secure grounds often require video monitoring.

The ATOM MS system software allows configuring the system individually for each facility subject to types thereof or kinds of monitoring. The system is capable of not only monitoring movements of vehicles, people, and animals but also responding to various events.

The ATOM MS system is the best solution for any facilities that require continuous video monitoring of their grounds as well as locations where strict security requirements apply such as nuclear power plants or airports.

Automatic bars at entrances to secure grounds

Key ATOM MS function in the automatic mode:

  • Vehicle detection.
  • Recognition of all license plates of the vehicles crossing the monitoring area.
  • Video recording of passing motorcars.
  • Allowing motorcars with white-listed license plates into the grounds.
  • Control using any external devices controllable with electric buttons.
  • Entry and exit logs Unlimited log retention Log fields: entry date, entry time, motorcar and license plate images, database fields where it is found.
  • Light and sound alarms on entry attempts by vehicles with non-white-listed license plates.
  • Light and sound alarms on entry attempts by vehicles with black-listed license plates.
  • Automatic system status monitoring. Automatic system logging of all significant actions of system operators, and system statuses.
  • Speed limit compliance monitoring.
  • Monitoring of entrance attempts into private areas, crossing of striping or virtual striping.
  • Recognition of humans and animals.
  • Recognition of unattended items.
  • Recognition of smoke and fire.
  • Heat mapping.
  • Facial recognition (option).
  • Adjustable automatic notices to operators.
Detection of any items or events (option, the neural net must be trained according to the customer needs).

ATOM MS Vehicle Control Capabilities:
  • Searching and sorting log records by date and time of passage, recognized license plate or a part thereof, regional code, etc. or any combination of the above. The search is conducted for any aggregate of the log fields at the same time.
  • Detailed viewing and editing of logged vehicle images including closeups of entire images or any parts thereof, visual enhancement filters, and saving edited images to separate files.
  • Printing selected vehicle images with dates, times, recognized license plates, and other selected details;
  • Creating, storing and saving passing vehicle reports. Selecting log fields to be printed. Selecting fonts, font sizes and colors for them. Selecting printing areas and their scales in vehicle images (for example, closeups of license plates may be printed), creating reporting collages, or not printing any images. Printing selected information into one or several columns.
  • Configurable authorized data access.
  • Viewing system logs of software user actions;
  • Viewing and editing information in connected tracing databases. The system administrator assigns each individual user specific rights of editing the information in the tracing databases.
  • Database data may be edited without shutting down the system.
  • Real time viewing of videos from remote surveillance cameras;
  • Recording video images from remote cameras for further viewing and conversion into standard video formats.